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About us

Our Story: A baby brand of Gaffer & Fluf, Naked Circus made a full round, returning to the original purpose of creating exciting accessories. Starting from the local Meet Market in Athens our hoodies and neckwarmers soon took off and acquired their own identity. Creating accessories from fabric since 2008 we can proudly say that we have pinpoint the exact place where style meets comfort and practicality, so you never have to choose between the two.


Sustainability: In Naked Circus we are dedicated to a sustainable and ethical production process. We follow a zero-waste policy by reusing all of the fabrics that weren’t used in the production of the parent company, Gaffer & Fluf. This way you can enjoy premium, repurposed fabrics in the form of hoodies, neckwarmers and gloves, in an affordable price.

The fashion Industry is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet and we are set to make Naked Circus a turnaround point. Keeping all production in our Atelier, in Athens, we are lowering our carbon footprint every step of the process. We design classic pieces that while eccentric can withstand the test of time offering them longevity in direct contrast with fast-fashion.


Design: Each accessory is a result of carefully selected combination of fabrics that offer you both practicality and style. They are designed not to cover you but to bring out your characteristics, framing your face so that you look your best while being cozy. Every hoodie, neckwarmer and glove are carefully handmade in our atelier, giving you a chance to really express your personality. In our collection you will find a plethora of fabrics and patterns. Choose among cozy eco-fur and eco-sheep fur, Fun Boucle textiles, pique textures, soft Metallic faux fur, luxurious velvet, and cushy wool blends. We offer a wide range of lightweight designs, that you can easily fold and put away, fluffier designs that provide you with warmth and comfort all day and night long, and everything in-between.    


Versatility: We want you, to never compromise when styling up your outfits. That is why all, of our hoodies and neck warmers, are double faced, which means, that you can change your look within seconds, by turning it inside-out. Our products are also genderless, so that everyone can use them which makes them a great gift.



Packaging: The packaging our products come in, is as fun as the accessories themselves. Elastic, fabric, pouches in fun patterns and colors, featuring an elastic band for your wrist, made out of repurposed material, perfect for a gift!

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